Decorating with straw baskets in living room

Decorating with straw baskets in living room

We can see something relevant in our daily routines are more and more friendly by green turning tendency.

Some stuffs are friendly such as the straw baksets with some honest pets can make you happier as coming back home. We can see some types of them:

Simple Straw Woven Flower Pot

1pc simple straw woven flower pot living room straw woven flower basket round floor to ceiling potted green plant large set pot creative pots super beautiful flower pot indoor outdoor home decor garden patio details 0

Almost as like these baskets. It is great quality ! It’s lined with plastic in the inside so the basket won’t get wet with watering the plant. gives a softer texture to the room rather than a normal planter.

Althoff Rope Storage Fabric Basket

Althoff Rope Storage Fabric Basket

Althoff Rope Storage Fabric Basket in A Window View

This large laundry straw baskets are crafted with braided cotton rope which is soft, resilient and reinforces the shape of the basket. straw baskets are kind of on delicate clothes and wooden floors, safe for children, adults, and pets. The large capacity of the basket allows the basket to store family weekly laundry, towels, and kids’ toys, with 2 durable handles, you can carry the straw baskets to different areas in your living space. The simple design of a two-tone color palette makes the basket an easy match for various interior styles.

Superior Wicker Basket

Superior Wicker Basket

Brown woven storage basket is made of natural dried plant fibers and robust metal

Clean lines, a harmony of textures, and serene drama make up a contemporary theme. It is a cradle for historic and present elements. It pays attention to details through architectural concepts and the arts.

Straw Baskets Made in Vietnam

Vietnam is best known for traditional handmade goods with ageless style intricate weaving and shimmer embellishments . Each handmade shell mosaic, repurposed wood and bamboo creation is a showcase of our history and rich resources. You can find more in our website here to find more useful news and explore what we can make in Vietnam with trees fibers.


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